4 Basic Types of Campfires And When To Use Each One

There are many types of campfires you can build depending on use and conditions. But for most people, there are 4 basic types of campfires that are important to know.

Four basic types of campfires:

  1. TEEPEE: Its name derives from its shape. Pieces of wood are gathered and stacked outward in increasing piece diameter, like the shape of a teepee or cone. Easy to build and starts, burns hot. Great for a general campfire and roasting s’mores.
  2. LOG CABIN: Similarly sized pieces stacked like a log cabin with a hollow center. The center is filled with small sticks, bark and paper and ignited. This style burs very hot, due to optimal airflow. This style is great for generating heat quickly.
  3. STAR: Start with a teepee style in the center and arrange larger logs around the base of the teepee to form a star shape. As the ends of the large logs burn, gradually push them towards the center. This style is good if you do not want to be searching for more wood to add to the fire.
  4. LEAN-TO: The fire is built next to a large log or rock to protect against prevailing winds. Take larger diameter sticks and pieces of wood and lean them at a forty-five degree angle against the large log or rock. Place smaller twigs and tinder underneath, building outward with the size of the tinder. Then light the bark and small tinder. This style is great to protect against wind as well as for radiating heat back. A good example is for near the front of a cave opening.


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