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About Windtinder

At Windtinder, we value our outdoor spaces and the time spent within them.

We also value durable, handmade goods.

From sitting around the campfire to hiking the backcountry trails around the world, Windtinder seeks to provide you with the tools and goods to make your time in the outdoors comfortable. With less distractions, we hope you can focus on the real beauty of hidden spaces no matter where you are.

Stoke that fire that burns within and get outdoors!

Our history: It all started one dark and dreary morning…

After wrestling with a damp fire pit one morning while camping in northern Minnesota, Mike decided he was tired of using makeshift fans or his own breath to stoke embers.  Starting a fire in the early morning can be a challenge at any time of year.

When Mike returned home he began to develop the prototypes for a durable and packable fan that could be easily brought anywhere. Through a few refinements, Windtinder was born. Its build and design allow for optimal airflow with a small footprint.

The Windtinder fan has the ability to lightly coax small embers as well as assist in stoking a well-burning fire.

From beginning with the initial fan, Windtinder continues to grow and expand its offerings. We are now offering other outdoor products also Made in Minnesota. Please look under the MN Made category for these great products.

Windtinder strives to support our natural spaces. As we grow, we will maintain a path of valuing and supporting the natural beauty all around us.-

How to use the Windtinder campfire stoking fan

Here is a 30 second guide on how to start a fire using Windtinder.

Using Windtinder is an easy 3-step process. Grip, zip and flip.

In this video we show you how to use Windtinder to start a new campfire and restoke hot coals should your fire burn down.

You will see how the fire grows with each burst of air from the Windtinder fire stoking fan. 

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